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5 steps to understand and develop software marketing

Here we will present you some basic methods for software marketing to help you lift your sales. Learn about them and decide what will be your gold combination for getting more buyers.

index1) Continuous SEO (Search Engine Optimization): We know that it is a big struggle to keep a high ranking in all the best search engines, since there are rules that need to be followed and you need to keep updating and optimizing your site or webpage. You should stay focused on these things: upgrading popularity of your link, always add fresh content, monitor the results of your website, test different keywords, constantly improving your site (its design and usability). For the best results you should turn to professional help for SEO, or not establish your strategy only on this method.

2) Download sites and directories should be submitted with your shareware. You can get promoted by submitting your software to directories and download sites, the more of them, the better results you’ll get! You should create PAD (which is portable application description) files, since this will make it easier for submitting and you’ll also be appreciated by webmasters. But you must pay attention to the movement you get from these sites, and try to keep your attention on the ones that are bringing you more customers. The main advantage you will get this way is increasing your link popularity, and by that you will get a better ranking position in search engines. Maybe all of this will take too much of your time, but you can always ask for a professional help.


3) Affiliates marketing. On the internet there is a big network of affiliates. You ask who they are. They are people who will promote and sell your software products from the sites they are working at. But they will take small commission for every sale they have made. Why use this method? Well, think about it, you pay them only for the results they have made. If you are interested for this method, read more about it, but know that it is widely used and very good.

4) Pay per Click! This kind of campaigns are called pay per click advertising and they mean that ads will be placed near search results by the search engines, in return for a small amount of money. The biggest players here are Google ad Words and Yahoo Search, but this is not one of the best methods that you can use since there is a possibility of so-called click fraud.


5) Getting involved in blogs and online forums. This can be called a free publicity, since you only have to give some of your time to get subscribed to forums and blogs so that you can deal with software related topics. But you have to be cautious since administrators you may be banned from administrators for blog-seoexplicit publicity. But you can always be creative; there are a numerous number of people who are researching forums and blogs trying to find information. A blog post dealing with the theme which is under discussion there, and is very professional can be very interesting to the readers. You can put your websites address, some of the names of your products and they may as well visit your website. Don’t use your nickname but use a full signature, and your promotion here may be very useful.